Club News 2018.

Well, the winter may still be with us but thoughts are turning to the new season outdoors!

The Soup and pud night is on 10th March in the Village Hall. Carol and Bob are arranging this.

Kath has a fundraising day as Leics Ladies President on Sat 24th March. All proceeds will go her nominated charity - Cystic Fibrosis. Again, she will be looking for help and donations for the day. Contact her if able to help.

The Open Day for members will be on Sat 7th April, with the Steamers playing the Wolds on Mon 9th.
For any new members the green will open on 14th April. As always we would welcome any new or potential players to come along and have a go!
The season starts in earnest on 16th April.

Rosemary will be looking for Pluck A Duck items, so if anyone has any unwanted gifts suitable for all ages on the stall, please let her know..

The green was put to bed in October last season, but Bob N has continued to mow during the winter. The green is growing well and looking good.

This year will be another busy season as we have Kath as Ladies President of Leics County, jill as President of the Belvoir League and Linda as Corson president. We also have 2 Men's county games. All of these events involve catering and bar manning, so pleas will be going out to all for offers of help. This of course is in addition to our very full fixture list!


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